Buying Guide

How To Buy A Chainsaw?

Are you planning to cut down some trees from your compound or planning to cut down trees for commercial use?

Then you should purchase a chainsaw that can be able to handle on your job effectively. A chainsaw is a popular portable mechanical saw that cuts trees with a set of teeth while rotating as it runs along a guide bar.

The device is the best for tree felling and other activities you may consider using useful such as climbing, bucking and pruning of trees. You no longer have to hire a chainsaw while you can afford a new device for your home use.

                  How To Buy A Perfect Chainsaw?

Buying a chainsaw does not only entail targeting the price and making payment. You need to have a good strategy when purchasing a chainsaw that meets your demand. Some of the common issues to consider include.

                    Source of power: electric vs. petrol

The chainsaws exist in two categories; one is the one that uses petrol while the other type uses electricity. If your work revolves around wood, farms and gardens, then a petrol saw is the best for you. The petrol chainsaw is mobile, and you can use it anywhere in your farm. However, you will need to carry petrol with you in case you need to refuel.

In the smaller projects, the electric saws comes in handy. They are quicker and lightweight than the petrol chainsaw. An electric saw is also easier to start and require less attention in maintenance. However, they tend to have less power than the petrol saws but are suitable for those individuals who have less experience.

  The size of the Chainsaw: 

The chainsaws usually appear in many sizes that depends on the size of engine and bar length. The size of the engine is also a factor that you must always consider while buying a chainsaw. Larger engines will provide more power although they may weigh more and might also cause fatigue when in use for a long period. The measurements of the engine are in cubic inches while power is in horsepower. If you plan to buy a saw for heavy duties, then you should purchase the one with a large engine and vice versa.

The size of the bar will always be a factor when buying a new chainsaw. Bar length is the active cutting area that a saw will cut in a single pass. In determining the size of the bar, note that a saw’s safe cutting potential is twice that of bar length. If you want to purchase a chainsaw for large logs, then get the one with bar large size and vice versa.
Weight of the chainsaw

Are you looking for a chainsaw for lighter duties? Then you should purchase the one that is lighter. A small saw will be convenient to use since you’re not likely to feel time due to its weight. A massive saw can be used for large tasks and by individuals who possess great experience.
Safety features of the Chainsaw

A chainsaw that include features that can prevent kickback is the best for you. A tip guard is also useful that will prevent you from cutting yourself with the tip of the bar.